Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The muse is back

OK - so here's my story - After a twenty something year sojourn from writing, and prodding from friends about my writing - I woke up one day and decided that the excuses had to stop. I had to begin using the talent that I was blessed with . I guess you can say the writing bug struck again. I realized that I still loved to write, and the ideas started flowing.

I am most alive when I'm putting pen to paper and jotting down my thoughts. And so the ideas started floating here and there - I started to find inspiration and ideas in just about anything, - I told myself we have to make this happen.

Once I committed to writing again, I quickly realized that the muse was back. So here I am - friends and family - please enjoy and promote and provide your constructive criticism as well.

My first article is about my rediscovery and my resolution for 2009 which is
" Follow your passion" - Its now May so I guess I am not doing too badly.

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