Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Sometimes My Heart Is Alone

Sometimes my heart is alone
Sometimes I feel a disquiet deep within
I feel alone deep within
I speak to friends
I speak to family
But my heart still feels alone

Sometimes I feel alone
Even in the midst of work
In the midst of friends
In the midst of family
This disquiet deep within me
And I wonder why

But then I whisper a prayer to God
Well, maybe a conversation
I whisper in my heart
God, why am I alone?
Where is your spirit?
Where is my spirit?

And I think. I know I hear a whisper
I hear a small still voice that says
That lonely time
That quiet time
Is your time to be still and know
It's your time to listen
It's your time for inspiration

And so I listen
Deep within
For that small still voice
For that spirit of conviction
For the training and chastising
For the love and encouragement
For the haven, and safety
And you know, I hear it
And I grow
In that small still voice
I hear it.

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