Thursday, July 9, 2009

Acts of Kindness

Kindness - Don’t you love that warm fuzzy feeling when someone has been kind to you or you have been kind to someone, helped out a friend or stranger in need?. I do. And recently I got the chance to have that warm appreciative feeling again.

I went to work out at my local gym, and decided to order some food for lunch. I did not take my purse because we had been warned that items were being stolen. But I did have a twenty dollar bill tucked into my iPod case. I got to the gym, unloaded as much as I could into my pockets, and had a great workout.

I finished, ordered my food and stood in line to pay. I was the last one in line. Finally it was my turn. I opened my I-pod case. My twenty dollar bill was gone. I opened it again, it was still gone. My mouth opened as the cashier and I looked at each other.

“I had a twenty dollar bill”. I said earnestly. “I promise you I had some money”.
By now it was getting late and I had to get back to work, and I could not come back.
“I could come back and pay you, just not today, and I am very hungry”. I said
I felt his hesitation “I don’t know Ma’am”

I stood there for a few minutes trying to think, but grateful that I was alone with the cashier.
Eventually I shrugged. "You know what, that’s fine, maybe next time". I said and turned to leave.

As I left the building, I thought to myself, no lunch, café is closed, wallet is at work, and you can’t come back. I got to my car and decided to take one last look – I rummaged through my workout pants, and there it was – my folded $20.00 bill.

As I turned to go back, I saw the young cashier running out the door with my food “Ma'am, ma'am, here you go”

“I found it”. We both talked at once. “I found it” I repeated.
"Its ok" he said smiling shyly "I felt really bad for you; I thought maybe I should just pay and let you have it, you seemed so honest."
We both laughed. At my insistence, we both went back inside where I paid and got my lunch and change.

I thanked him warmly and told him how appreciative I was of his kindness. I left the restaurant happy with my lunch, and happy with the fact that someone had been kind to me. I made a mental note to help a stranger. I had before, but now, I would do it again. And again. I felt good and I am sure the young boy felt good with himself too.

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