Thursday, July 9, 2009

Nigerians and the age thing

If you have been following my blog for a while, you are probably wondering what does she look like (Not to worry, I will soon put a picture, just looking for the perfect one). You have also probably wondered how old I am. I might tell you, but you have to wait until the end of the article.

We Nigerians can be secretive about a lot of things. A lot of things – some things rightly so, others totally unnecessary. Like age. Everyone wants you to respect them for the “madam” they are, and even when they know you are older, some still want some real respect because they are “married”.

Respect should always be mutual, whether we are older, younger, married or single. If you live by the simple rule to treat others as you would like to be treated, you are already obeying that rule of mutual respect.

Back to the age thing, I have asked some people about their age and they smile coyly and say ‘Leave that alone, that’s not so important” or change the subject. I am sure you’d like to know mine as well. Wait till the end of this article.

But you know what; I was surprised at how much this Nigerian thing has rubbed off on me as well. While working with two consultants recently, they said their ages and everything else. We had worked together for at least 6 months out of a one year project before I could say mine. I couldn’t understand it myself.

Well here’s news for you friends, there are so many resources to do some investigative research and come up with your age. Aside from the fact that the world is such a small place, the internet has made it even smaller. With a few clicks here and there or a few questions here and there I can get your age, or the information that makes me get it.

Age is just a number. Respect others and they will respect you. Treat others with kindness and fairness and you will have the same. Don’t approach friendship with a “what’s in it for me” attitude. That’s about it really.

Thanks so much for your patience in reading this and waiting to the end of the article to find out my age. Well, um, I think I changed my mind. I don’t think age is that important after all? I can’t tell you right now, because um, after all I am still a Nigerian. We’ll talk about it next time. Maybe next time.

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