Sunday, February 7, 2010

Seasons to life.

I had an inspiring conversation with an acquaintance today. We talked generally and then went on to “what do you do”. I told her what I do, but then moved on to what I would really like to do, work from home, freelance, write.

She said to  me “I wouldn’t worry, I raised 5 kids, got a college degree then decided I wanted to waitress, then moved on to other things. There are seasons to life. There will be a time for the things you want to do, just keep them in sight, and their season will come."

Ordinary words,but to me they were so inspiring, and as I drove home, I couldn’t keep those words out of my mind. "There are seasons to life”.

As I thought about those words that wouldn’t leave me, I felt that each one of us has to also be attuned to those seasons in our life. I guess we have to know when the timing is right and go for it. I believe this is my season, and I am going for it.

I hope we all find our seasons. Just thought I should share :)


  1. May you reach your dreams in due season. Thanks for participating in our Valentine's blog chain.

  2. Tis my season also. I spent enough of my life working for a living and not really enjoying all that life has to offer. I found something special in the written word.

  3. I agree, there are seasons to life. I retired and devoted my time to writing full time. I love this season of my life and wish it could have come sooner. Every season has opportunities and advantages. Enjoy them all but keep your sights set on the ultimate goal: writing.

  4. Sola, I read several of your posts and they all resonated with me. I began writing as a child, including plays that were performed for various classes and, on occasion, the whole school; took writing courses in college as part of my English degree, and wrote poems and short stories for family, friends, and children I taught in school. When I married and started a family, the writing was moved to the back burner. Now that all of my children are grown and married with lives of their own, my husband and I feel this is our "season"--mine for writing, his for art. I've always loved the song, "Turn, Turn, Turn" by the Byrds, based on Ecclesiastes 3:1-8, and thought of that as I read your post. So glad to have met you through the Valentine blog chain.--Donna B. Russell,

  5. I am evolving into a full-time stay at home writer, but in the meantime I still enjoy being a succesful real estate sales person. It actually provides a good balance between the extrovert and introvert in me.

  6. Got for it! I'm all about it! And all over it. Good for you. I turn 50 this year and something clicked as the calendar turned to 2010 and I declared that I would no longer put my art on hold nor wait until I was 60 to start my novel. Life is short.

    You don't write much about yourself here, at least in your profile, but there's some little hints and clues and maybe this is appropriate. My all-time favorite parenting magazine-- Mothering: The Magazine for Natural Living had a poem once by the editor, Peggy O'Mara, that read something like there will be time again for going to meet the guru and sip cappuccinos in Parisian side walk cafes. So, I keep that in mind as I go through different stages in my parenting journey.

    Good luck!

  7. What beautiful advice- and oh, so true. She is right, there are seasons to life. Just like having seasons for friends... sometimes they stay, and sometimes they move on- but each one played an important part in your life.
    I think we all do evolve in time- and if we can appreciate that process instead of trying to hurry it along, all our seasons will play out just as they were meant to be.
    This truly inspired me reading this today. Thank you for sharing!!

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  8. I totally agree that there are seasons of life. They don't always follow in order, but they do constantly change.