Sunday, February 7, 2010

A writer's journey

Faith calls those things which are not as though they are, and so yes, I call myself a writer because that's who I am and who I want to be.

I wrote on my last blog how I had a dream about certain "aspirations”. Yes you guessed it, that aspiration is to become a published writer. In that dream I published three children’s' books.

The dream was so vivid because I do already have three children’s book drafts sitting on my computer and wondering what next to do to them. Not only that, I have two items as "works in progress", one in my computer, the other in my head.

My delay has been in how do I revise? how do I storyboard before sending them to prospective agents?. Aside from that, I am a full time working mom. Sometimes I feel like what I do currently is keeping me from what I really want to do.

To make my dream come true, I have to act, because see, “faith without works is dead”. I will follow my own advice and take small steps toward my biggest step.

I hope to keep you updated on my journey, my research, my writing and struggles and I hope we cross the victory line together.


  1. I afraid many of us have jobs that keep us from doing our work. You have a beautiful site.

  2. Congratulations on your journey. It weaves around bends at times and seems lost, doesn't it? I, too, have to remember to hang in there and trust the process...
    Best, Karen (Folkheart Press)