Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Define Your Own Success

Did I tell you I had a blast at the writers conference in Madison? It was well organized, the crowd size was perfect and the networking flowed even more than I envisioned.

So - what does success mean to you? I was happy and honored to be part of the success panel representing my memoir "The Summer Called Angel".

I joined five other writers and we talked about our journey to being published and tips for success for aspiring authors.

My advice is "Hold on to your dreams, and when they do come true, continue to nurture them, because guess what?, that dream is the opening and the start to other dreams and goals, reaching for more and challenging yourself.

Let success be small steps for you - let it be to write a paragraph a day, to get published in an e-zine or a magazine- to finish one book, to publish one book, and then to move from that to the next, and the next...

What does success mean to you?

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